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Ashley Loeb, PhD, NCSP

Licensed Psychologist
Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Dr. Loeb completed her doctoral degree at Arizona State University. During her graduate training, Dr. Loeb also worked as a habilitation therapist for children with autism and assisted in the instruction of family and child development and educational psychology courses. Dr. Loeb completed her graduate training with an internship and post-doctoral residency in the Washington Elementary School District, and is currently is currently a licensed psychologist and Nationally Certified School Psychologist.

Through her work in the school districts, habilitation services, and private practice, Dr. Loeb has gained extensive experience in assessment, parent and school consultation, and behavior therapies with youth populations from preschool through high school. Specifically, Dr. Loeb specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, behavioral challenges, ADHD, and anxiety and mood disorders. With a background as a practicing school psychologist with youth from ages 2-18 and evidence-based practices, Dr. Loeb is knowledgeable about school-based practices and services.

Dr. Loeb’s training and approach is embedded in a behavioral perspective and Dr. Loeb has also presented nationally on topics of sleep and its relation to adolescent school functioning, learning disabilities, and barriers to mental health services. Dr. Loeb is passionate about helping collaborating with families to help youth reach their full potential through appropriate diagnosis, consultation, and treatment.

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