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Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy is the scientifically based treatment method used to create meaningful behavior change. The purpose of ABA is to increase behaviors that are helpful (i.e., communication) and decrease behaviors that are harmful or affect learning (i.e., tantrum). ABA treatment programs vary in their intensity and are designed specifically around the child’s needs. All ABA treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation that can take anywhere from 6-12 hours.

  • Comprehensive ABA includes treatment for problematic behaviors as well as delays in social and communication. Comprehensive ABA typically consists of 20-40 hours per week of treatment and includes parents and/or caregivers training and support.
  • Focused ABA includes treatment for one focused area of concern at a time. Focused ABA is used when patients need support for a few key functional skills or they have such acute problematic behaviors that they need to be addressed immediately.
  • Behavior Consultation provides parents, caregivers and/or teachers with training and intervention strategies necessary to manage and modify challenging behaviors while teaching appropriate functional skills. Behavior consultation is time-limited and does not include direct service with the child.

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