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Chasen Dillon

Dr. Chasen Dillon is a postdoctoral resident at Gentry Pediatric Behavioral Services under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Gentry. He received his doctoral degree in school psychology from the University at Albany SUNY in New York in 2022. Chasen completed his APA accredited pre-doctoral internship at Southwest Behavioral and Health Services in Phoenix AZ, where he gained substantial experience with school- and family-oriented psychological services. Chasen is a nationally certified school psychologist with experience supporting children of varying exceptionalities to obtain the emotional, behavioral, and academic skills necessary to be successful across home and school settings. His knowledge of IEPs and school system functioning aids in aligning service delivery and comprehensive diagnostic recommendations. Chasen aims to specialize in early identification diagnostics, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and learning difficulties. Secondary interests include school consultative services to enhance instructional and intervention practices. He has a history of working within multidisciplinary teams and values equivalent input from family and other related team members.


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