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If you are interested in having your child evaluated at Gentry PBS, please fill out the electronic Intake forms and someone from the office will reach out to you within 5 days. For up-to-date information regarding current wait times, you may call the office prior to completing forms.

Co-payment and retainer fees may be expected up front, depending on current deductibles and plan details.


  • Private Pay rated only (cannot bill Out-of-Network). ESA funds may be used. Please contact our office to obtain a cost range.
  • Psych Dept. conducts all Diagnostic-related Evaluations. Please refer to our Services - Psychological tab for more details.
  • We can provide a ‘Superbill’, after all appointments are concluded, for you to submit to insurance for possible reimbursement.


  • Accepts BCBS Insurance, (cannot bill Out-of-Network), private pay and ESA funds.
  • Speech Dept. conducts all Speech/Feeding related Evaluations & Speech Therapy services. Please refer to our Services - Speech & Language tab for more details.

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) DEPARTMENT:

  • Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) & United Health Care Commercial Insurance plans only (cannot bill Out-of-Network). You can also pay privately or use ESA funds.
  • For ABA to be covered through insurance, your child must have an autism diagnosis prior to any rendering services per your insurance guidelines. If interested in a consultation, please complete our online ABA INQUIRY FORM
  • ABA Dept. conducts 1-on-1 behavioral therapy (In Clinic, School, or Home) & can also perform a formal FBA (Functional Behavioral Assessment). FBA’s are not covered by insurance & pricing will depend on location of the assessment. Please refer to our Services - Behavioral tab for more details.

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