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Independent Educational Evaluations

The Individuals with Disabilities Educational Act (IDEA) gives parents the right to request an evaluation that is completed by an unbiased third-party when they do not agree with the results of their child’s school-based assessment, at no fee to them.

These evaluations can be related to academic, emotional, behavioral, social or communication.

Gentry PBS offers speech and language IEEs for students from preschool through high school. We provide comprehensive evaluations for a number of speech and language needs, including:

  • Speech sound disorders (articulation/phonology, difficulty pronouncing sounds)
  • Language disorders (receptive/expressive/pragmatic, language processing, expressing ideas with words, social language and interactions)
  • Cognitive-communication disorders (difficulty with thinking skills including perception, memory, awareness, reasoning, judgment, problem solving and imagination)
  • Social Communication/Autism Spectrum Disorder (Perspective taking, flexible thinking, social inferencing)
  • Stuttering/fluency disorders (interruption of the flow of speech that may include hesitations, repetitions, prolongations of sounds or words)
  • Augmentative or Alternative Communication (AAC)

For more information about Behavioral IEEs, please visit our Behavioral Services page.

For more information about Psycho-educational IEES, please visit out Psychological services page.

For information on requesting an IEE, please visit out FAQ page.

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